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The strength of our Manufacture lies in the ability of our engineers to create movements that are both innovative and respectful of watchmaking. Our desire for perfection constantly pushes us to improve the performance and accuracy of our calibres. For NovoParts, innovation is a driving force. Our designers are constantly looking for new designs and new complications. Their imaginations and their know-how ensure each of our watch pieces a unique personality.







At NovoParts, we produce all the components included in a movement to offer only quality grades. Bridges, turntables, axles, sprockets, springs ... everything is done internally by our workshop. To manufacture our watch parts, we have exceptional human know-how and the most modern machine technologies.

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Before being assembled, the components go through our decoration workshop to be transformed into a work of art. All our decorations are made by hand to give a unique soul to each piece. Thanks to this manual work, we achieve a level of excellence that no machine can offer. Our craftsmen master a wide range of techniques of decoration watchmaking, thus allowing to satisfy the desires of each one. 






Assembly is a process where every gesture must be perfect. All movements are assembled manually from start to finish by our watchmakers, with the greatest respect for the watchmaking tradition. A work that requires very high precision on the part of our workshop. At each assembly step, different quality controls are carried out to guarantee products of exceptions.

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